Purify Love

This Fall


Purify Love



Most of you who have decided to purchase this book and step into my world, I consider family. You have followed my radio show, stalked my Facebook page (LOL), followed my performances, and/or have followed my “Universal Love” Movement, & for that, I thank you.

This book has taken me 10 years to put together, not because It was such a long process, but for the mere fact that I feared public judgment & opinion of my own personal story and process. Since the onset, a lot of my views have evolved as I accepted the different lessons, traumas, and victories in my life.

As a collective, the purpose that I wish for this book to accomplish is to be able to relate to the different tests that our lives present because I truly feel that I am no different from the next person. I am a firm believer in self-reflection, self-actualization, and again, I cannot say it enough, Evolution, and when I say evolution I mean the evolution of you as a human being, moving up from one level to the next level of truth and consciousness, allowing your soul to be the beneficiary of change, change that is lasting and makes you a better you.

I appreciate each & every one of you for reading this collection of poetry which is actually just the 1st Chapter of a collection of Books that I plan to bring you all to keep this Love Movement going. I thank you for being so BOLD as to believe in yourself enough to want to challenge your thinking as well as practice critical thinking to form whatever values and ideals that you feel best suit your own personal life.

Also know that your investment in this will be placed towards the next projects of Change that will help the next million people, because honestly, I not only believe, but I know that God has given me and so many others the assignment to spearhead and be bold enough to use our own personal uncut and raw stories to change this world.

I want you to know that I love each and every one of you and I welcome you to these personal and intimate letters of my life…

Purify Love

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A Gift to My Readers

This is just a small token,

a little something for you,

to thank and appreciate everything you do,

you are the reader,

the person behind the manuscript too,

you have chosen to feed yourself off of

the career I do.

Know that I love each and every one of you

because love has been given in abundance

to my life and me too,

in all you do, just know that you not only rock, you rule,

you are not a fool, and don’t deserve any type of abuse,

my lips are loose to tell you to be bold,

don’t be cold, unforgiving, or live in the past of old,

but go forward, in all wisdom,

and take a chance,

and live your life because this may just be your last dance…

Thank you Everyone for the support,

and until I change the world,

this mission will never abort….

Purify Love

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