Raja Williams

Raja Williams

Introduction . . .

My name has led me on an interesting journey through life. I am a free spirited woman that embraces love and light. I was born with a name that in Sanskrit means “King” and in Arabic stands for “Hope”. I am an American woman born in the United States of America with an English, Irish, and Finnish ethnic heritage. My name does NOT match my ethnic background, which I believe has helped me to define myself as a unique being.

I am Raja.

I walk to the beat of my own drum. Following my inner guidance while connecting spiritually. I practice noticing life with new eyes daily. I question my perceptions and I constantly challenge my thoughts. Understanding other people’s perspectives on any given topic fascinates me and helps the writer in me find new voices. We have so much to learn from one another yet we are still so closed off in our ways of thinking. Creating connections to new people and perspectives awakens one person at a time. I hope that within your reading of my written words your own questions will raise and your perspectives be called for review. You may learn something new or challenge an old pattern of thought. My words are simple yet profound. Like the Arabic meaning of my name, I HOPE for a peaceful world where we are able to reach out to help one another.

Won’t you join me on, “The Journey Along the Way?”

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It is so easy to coast through life in the simplicity or hardships of the journey that we are currently living in. Day after day waking up only to repeat the day before. Wake up, eat, get dressed, go to school or work, come home, eat, relax, and then go to bed just to get up and do the same or some other similar scenario again tomorrow. This is what we have come to call “living.” The question is are you living the life that you would like to live?

In 2006 my journey was suddenly awakened when I finally said “Enough!” I had questions, and there had to be a way to feel more fulfilled and connected with the world. I was tired of feeling like my life as a single parent raising five children for the previous ten years alone was “Stuck”; stuck on repeating struggles day after day. At the time I did not understand or comprehend that my thinking patterns allowed me to remain stuck. The old saying goes “You can’t control what is out of your hands”, but the truth is, it depends on how you think about it. It was time for me to find a new path to walk upon and learn new patterns of thought. I knew there were answers to be found.

I was drawn by the vibration of the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Northern California and knew after my very first time attending . . .

continued in the Book

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