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Regina Ann is a mother to three wonderful sons, entrepreneur, artist, poet, and student of life, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher and Mediation Teacher.  Having gained a reputation with those who know her as a person who lives on purpose, the books Optimize U and Optimize U – Upgrade 2011 were encouraged to serve as a guide to living life on purpose.  Regina offers Whole Wellness Consulting balancing body, mind spirit through Resonance Healing. Appointments can be scheduled online at

I Am

–    a Student of life; blessed to be mother to three wonderful boys;

–    Entrepreneur & Founder of multiple businesses including Resonance Healing;

–    Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher;

–    Temporal Trauma Release Master Practitioner & Teacher;

–    Whole Wellness Consultant;

–    Trained as a Shaman;

–    Author of “Optimize U”, and upcoming books “Poetic Essences” and “A Journey To Healing Me”

–    I am on a Passionate Mission to Empower Whole Wellness for All of Mind, Body, and Soul.

–    My Purpose is to assist humanity in remembering their divine origins thereby bringing heaven to earth.

I Am

–    Artist, Writer and Learner.

–    I love music ~ listening, singing, dancing, feeling the flow of it.

–    The words of my heart and soul are my healing balm and, to my joy, touch others in the places where they are. 

–    I am on a journey ~ becoming the “me” I was created to be.

–    Shining love and light for all clearly to see.

Poetic Essences invites you on a poetic journey into the beautiful.  A compilation of Author Regina Ann’s most sought after poems and Today’s Truisms read globally on a daily basis.  Enjoy the flow of beauty as prose is transformed from blooming bud to vibrant flower.

Regina Ann  has been writing poetry throughout her “Life Journey”.  She has used her Poetry as a Healing Balm, a Guiding Light, a Reflective Mirror, and a means of delivering Divine Messages for her Self as well as many others.  Her Gift of Poetry ushers forth a Considerable Measure of Joy, Peace, Love and Blessings for many.

take a moment to enjoy the journey ~ into the beautiful

Optimize U – Upgrade 2011 offers a straight forward approach to awaken and equip you to achieve the success you envision for yourself.  Written as a true workbook, Optimize U – Upgrade 2011, guides you through the process of creating your vision to planning for and realizing the success you desire. Built on the original foundation of Optimize U, Upgrade 2011 includes insights and lessons learned over the past four years for an upgrade in your success optimization software.

Vision is a vivid mental image of what and where you want to be in the future.

Purpose is an anticipated outcome that is intended or an action that determines your planned objective.

SUCCESS is a favorable or desired outcome.

Purpose Pearl: Purpose is both a noun and a verb ~ purpose is a journey and a destination.

Optimization begins with U

Create your vision ~ equip yourself ~ realize your success!

Resonance Healing

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Usui Reiki


Raindrop Technique

Young Living Oils

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I Am Phoenix

I Am Phoenix

see me soar

across darkened sky

lighting the night


the fires

which birthed me

only served

to intensify

the light

burning inside


that all may see

the sparks of love

I leave behind

as I fly high

on the wings

created for me


that I may be

that which I am


~ I Am Phoenix


~*~ Regina Ann



Today’s Truism


Those giants you battle

Fade in The Light

Fall to The Truth

Become New with Love


May you

Shine The Light

Carry The Truth

Demonstrate Love

to the giants you battle

that you may be victorious


~ Sat Nam


~*~ Regina Ann



Sit Here

Sit here

just a moment

in the stillness

with me



can you hear it?

can you hear

your heart beat?


can you hear

as breath leaves

as you breath in again?


can you hear me?

here I am



in the stillness

in the quiet

between breaths

here in the silence


each heart beat


sit here

just a moment

won’t you sit here

with me?

sit here for a moment

for I long

with you to be

in the stillness

in the quiet

just a moment


you and me


~*~ Regina Ann



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