Editing ~


It is said that the best editing always comes after your work is published. This truism reigns true for most writers, but more especially for the novice or “First Time Author”.


The importance of editing your work to make sure that you are putting your best work out is integrally important, for you are representing your self. Your personal level of excellence is clearly stated in the quality of your work.


As a Publisher and Writer my self, far too often i have the opportunity to read work that has not been read through or scrutinized for some very basic aspects of writing such as punctuation, spelling, grammar, and misused words. There are many tools we as writers can utilized to assist us in striving for a higher degree of quality in our written expressions, eg : a Dictionary, a Thesaurus, and of course “Google’. Personally many times it is because of my own “Zeal” or “Laziness” that i too fail the litmus test of excellence.


One of the first things every writer should do is to set aside time to read their own work. From there you may wish to have a friend or associate read your work through thoroughly as well. I must warn you to ask someone who is qualified and familiar with the rules, for their feedback can be as damaging to your purpose as our ignorance.


When considering any work, i am a firm believer of my 3 “C”  rule. This is Content, Construct and Clarity. I strive to arrest my concerns in this area that what i have to say does reach the minds of my potential reader. Without the proper use of the “Rules of Grammar” i am surely doomed to fail. Much of the feedback we receive as writers is usually from people just as ourselves who too are seeking “Clarity” in their lives and through our words attempting to work it out. Our diligence in how we construct our content becomes inherently important.


To make a long digestive write short, let me simply say this. Join a “Reading Circle” where you can enlist seasoned writers who know the rules to provide you with some honest critique; make friends with individuals who are proficient in language and it’s use or hire a Professional Editor who is familiar with your chosen genre of work.


In the mean time . . . . WRITE ON   !!!!