How to Become a Best Selling Author


Wait . . .  yes, that’s it . . .  wait !


But there are some things you must do before you begin the waiting process and during as well. Don’t worry, it is not that painful.


1          Get off your ass . . . stop dreaming and get to work. It may not be easy, but it is   

            rewarding !


2          Let people know every day, every opportunity that you do have a

            Book “FOR SALE”!!!


3          Tell other people to let other people know.


4          and tell those same other people to tell other people as well.


5          Visit your Local Library and Let them know You have a Book. Local Libraries

             ARE interested in Local Authors


6          Call upon your Local Newspapers, Radio Stations and Tell them “I have A New

            Book and it is FOR SALE!”


7          Invest in your self and have a Poster or two done with your Book and your self

            and post it around town


8          Read Stories about other Successful Authors and learn how they got it done !


9          Arrange for as many Book Signings as you can Handle. There are Churches, 

            Ladies and Men’s Auxiliaries, Schools, Libraries, Supermarkets, Chambers of

            Commerce and the list goes on.


But before you do all of this . . . there is one thing you must be VERY CLEAR about . . .  and that is


1          Why do i write ? Do i write for my own personal enjoyment ? If this is the case,

            you are already successful by and large because you are published. That 

            demographic alone represents less than 1% of our World’s population . . .

            Congratulations !


        If you are writing for Commercial Success . . . well then it is time to put your  

        Boots On and get to work !


2          Why does the prospective Customer need to Buy and Read your Book? You

            must be convicted and confident about your purpose. If you are not, chances no

            one else will be either!

The final analysis of any successful endeavor is that the individuals involved are Prepared, Informed and Motivated . . .  Are You ?

. . . this has been an Inner Child Perspective.


Bless Up