It is more than Publishing

When i consult with Writers and potential Authors, one of the very first aspects of communication i discuss is that of “Vision”. I believe, that we as writers are perhaps a special breed of Artist, as are all Artists, whether your medium is Graphic, Sculpting, Music or Word.

In our discussion,, i ask questions. The reason being is it is integrally essential that the “Creator” . . . you the writer come to terms with your own personal motivations to write. For myself it is a combination of factors, with the first priority being to get it out of myself. Usually the second is to be heard by way of sharing my expressions with others. The second aspect here is when i have found that Writers and Artists are their most vulnerable. Of course, the natural proclivity for any Creator / Creation is to be accepted as valid. All too often our personal “Self Esteem has a “Direct” and / or “Indirect” association with our offerings. This makes what we express a very, very personal experience that does carry forth due and undue effects as to how we see ourselves.

With the above conclusion, i feel that the ultimate duty as a Publisher is to understand this phenomena and to care for it as if it is my own . . .  and i do. I again think it is integrally essential that i understand the Creator’s / Artists / Writer’s “Vision” and the subtle nuance that are associated with them. I know i want people to understand.

The second point of discussion i raise to the potential; Author is this. I ask, “What is it you wish your Book to accomplish?”. I do this by asking the writer to picture themselves standing in a Book Store or Library looking at the shelf and seeing their own Book. I ask them to elaborate on their “Vision”. The more descriptive the better i am able to connect. This says it all for me. I often ask myself, of what service am i if i can not fulfill this vision ? I have found all to often that this very important step is often overlooked by Writer, Editor and Publisher due to the sometimes outright zeal usually associated with the project itself. This is especially prevalent with New Authors. All to often the prospect of being published is overwhelming enough. When one is carried away in the flow without having an end objective or “Vision”, usually the end result is quite often less than hoped for. With proper planning and sharing of Vision we usually will turn out a project greater than the initial expectations. This is because of the simple dynamic of “Everyone” being on the same page.

Along the way to becoming an “Author” there will be many Trials, Tribulations and Challenges. The most important tool we have into overcoming them, learning from them and achieving your Goals as a writer is Communication. Make sure that your vision is clear. Communicate that to all who are involved in the process of getting you to print. Tell your friends and associates, that they my reinforce your path with Critique, Questions and Affirmation, all which is healthy. In the end you will be more likely to deliver your child in good health to the world that is waiting for you to have your say. Wishing you “God Speed” in your endeavors. It is more than Publishing.


© 24 June 2011 : William S. Peters, Sr.