Team Work


There is no doubt whatsoever that publishing a book is the epitome of Team Work. Of course the Writer / Author is the most integral aspect, however without the contributing components and talents of others, the greatest works / writings quite often go unnoticed and do not receive their just due.


When we examine a book, the first thing we see is the Cover. Covers themselves have been responsible for many disappointing purchases by the consumer. Conversely so, poorly designed covers do not entice the potential market to investigate beyond its presentation. Covers are the “Window Dressing”. It is essential that a cover be not only appealing, but somewhat enticing to the onlooker. A well themed and designed cover will at least give your writing a fair chance to be discovered and appreciated. This not only is directed at the Front Cover, for most often that is what gets all the attention, however the back cover content aids and abets the purpose of you publishing . . . to be read. What does your back cover say to further your aspiration for the potential buyer to take your book to the register ?


The next aspect of your book content is just that . . .  how does the content appear to be arranged ? This is simply Book Formatting and Design. Some questions . . .is your understandable, neatly ordered and navigation-able for the reader. Many a book i have pick up and purchased of which i have been thoroughly disappointed with simply because of the sloppiness and non attention to detail in its design and layout. Unfortunately i never made it to the subject matter in many of these offerings, for my sub conscious analogy was if they are sloppy on this end, i wonder what are they attempting to say in their writing. Far too often, the presentation elucidates what is to follow.


Graphics . . . they are important. Are they distinguishable ? As we are well aware, most book interiors are rendered to Black and White / Grey Scale. Even still, good resolution of the graphics and photos make for a more pleasant experience for we, the reader. Those graphics and pictures that do not meet such minimal standards should be put under consideration to be replaced or left out.


And finally, but not least on the list is Editing. They say the best editing comes after Publishing. Unfortunately this is so true. But let me say this, i have seen far too many book offerings that do not appear to have been edited at all. when considering an Editor, make sure they are adept at their craft and have a good grasp of Language Usage, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. There is no greater “Turn Off” for an avid reader then a poorly executed piece of work that assaults all that we have learned about language. Perhaps i should have edited this piece a bit, but this is a fine example of our laziness to go beyond and strive for a higher degree of excellence in our writings that we offer to the world.


in conclusion, as is the theme of this piece, to publish a book that displays our commitment to our work is the result of Teamwork. Choose your team wisely and enjoy the journey.




Inner Child