Why should I Publish ?

If you are not Published, you will not understand what I say to you that holding your own Book in your hand is an indescribable feeling. Don’t believe me . . .  ask a Published Writer . . .  we call them Authors !!!!

If you are considering Publishing, there are a few things you should know. Most prospective Authors have probably considered the journey and it’s possibilities. Usually in my consultation with pre-published writers, I have found a lack of vision. I am not saying this in a derogatory way, but hopefully in an enlightening way. Vision is a required element necessary to get you down the road that you may accomplish your goal. There is some work involved in getting published. There is much concern most writers have about their offerings. There are such things as quality, content, quantity and finally market. Many Writers I speak with are of the belief that when there is a plethora of people waiting for their Book to be Published. This may be so, but that does not necessarily translate into Voluminous Book Sales, Fame and Fortune. Selling books is important, but that is not the whole of the personal satisfaction one receives in seeing their name on the cover of a book. Yes, that to me and many others of us who have achieved this status is the greatest aspect of the journey. Again, I can not say much more about this, but you will understand when you get there. It is sort of like first time Sex.. No one really can tell you how good it is.

I have written a few articles about the preparation process and so “to Do” things for those who are on the journey. One of the previous misnomers many of us have, and still have is centered on “Book Sales”. Simply put there are some components of Truth about Books Sales every soon to be published and Published Author should know. Book Sales are generated from a combination of factors. They include, Presence, Hard Work, Exposure, Hard Work, Advertising, Hard Work, Networking, Hard Work, Book Signings, Hard Work, Readings, Hard Work . . .  and finally . . . Hard Work ! . . .Oh, and did I say Hard Work ? So, now that we have that straight and we have established a Clear and Concise understanding of what you are about to encounter in being a successful Author as far as marketing your product, I wish you all the best in the journey to becoming a Published Author.

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