You and your Book

The natural proclivity to Authoring a Book is to share your writing and be read by a broader audience. This can be achieved in a few ways. You can Sell your Books, Give them away or a combination of the two. The latter is usually the path most authors feel compelled to travel.

Most of us Publish with subverted aspirations to sell a lot of books. Somewhere along the line, being Creative Oriented Individuals, there is a disconnect with the rudiments of the Commercial aspects of promoting your offering. Following are some TIPS and Suggestions of some of the things we can do as Authors to bring us closer to the actualization of our “Not So Secret” desires.


Becoming a Celebrity

Many of us have dreamed of such things as selling a Million Books, and doing the Talk Show Circuit on National and International Television, making the New York Times Best Seller List . . .haven’t we ? That is very healthy i think. We must have Goals. My only suggestion is to make them Reasonable and Attainable ! This is not to say that such lofty ideal are not, but i believe in Baby Steps first and then graduating to the “Leaps and Bounds” Celebrity often brings. So where does the Unknown New Author start? Simple . . .  you start with what is known. You start the process at Home ! Where you live there are Local Newspapers of all types, Cable Television Stations, Churches, Social Clubs, Schools, Universities, Libraries. Stop in, introduce yourself and let people know who you are, what you do and what you write about, After all, no one will no anything about you if you . . .yes YOU do not tell them. As i said in a previous article, Solicit Help. Put your self together a Team of Influential Local Persons who are willing to assist you in the accomplishment of your goals. Let everyone know to let everyone know who you are . . . Celebrity Sells !



Be prepared !!! Opportunities squandered or missed rarely come back to give you a 2nd chance. One of the things we as writers do, is we never go anywhere without writing paraphernalia . . .or at least we shouldn’t!  Now that you are an Author, the same should apply with your Books. Never . . . Never leave the house without a few in your Bag. Again . . . you never know when opportunity shall meet you upon the road you travel . . . BE PREPARED !



Never underestimate the value of Workshops! Volunteer your services at those same Organizations. Teach other to do what you have done . . . Write and get published. Teach them about your Creative Insights or your Skill Set as embodied in you Book. If it is Children, send them home with Homework and a nice little Flyer informing their Parents about WHO YOU ARE ! . . .Powerful Stuff Here!


Fund Raising

You can also be a big help in your Community Based Organizations and Schools by not only donating your Time and Skills, but also your Books, or you can offer them at discounts for special projects. Raffle some Books off for a Good Cause. Get Creative !

In conclusion, what sells Books is You ..  the Author. If the Public at large sees you as “Bigger Than Life” they will want to know why. This translates into Celebrity and thus into Book Sales. Join the Library. Offer Free Readings, and always have some Books for sale with you. Promote . . . Promote . . .  Promote!!!

Selling books is not an easy task, but it can be a lot of fun. Many Authors have lost their zeal to promote their abilities and their works. Don’t become that Proverbial Prune who once was the Plum. Get out there and have fun . . . live the Dream !



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