Publicity Costs . . . make the Investment

All Artists, whether you are a Writer, Musician  vie to have their creativity embraced . . . to some degree. For this a Publicity Campaign is required. There are 2 basic options as to how one may approach this. Either you hire a Publicist, which can cost you up to several thousands of dollars . . .or you become one!

Most Creative Individuals are not prepared nor capable of taking off their garbs of inspiration and cloaking themselves with the Suit of Business that is required so that the Buying Public know you exist. Many Artist, specifically Authors are content with just saying those New Age famous words  . . “you can find me on AMAZON” or some other Web Site. When i consider this, i see just how delusional i have become in thinking that since i Authored a Book that the world is going to come knocking down my door to purchase what i have to say . . . NOT !

Being your own best Friend and Publicist, there are a few less invasive things we can do to assist the accomplishment of our aspirations we have for our products. If you are vying to sell . . .you must SELL ! If you are satisfied with just having Published your Book or releasing your CD, then do not fell any compulsion to read any further, for it does not apply to the True and Dedicated Artist . . .  or does it ?

As i said earlier, most Artist do desire to be appreciated for their contribution to the world by way of their inspiration. The most definitive way to accomplish this is by letting as many people know that you have something to offer them. There are a few rules we should be aware of before we engage. First one needs to be circumspective and honest with themselves. For example, why do i need your offering, what is it going to do for me, the buyer ? This is a critical and integral part of promotion. Of course we can shell out a few Bucks and hire a Publicist who would them do all these things for you. The alternative for those Artist, which is most of us, who are working with finite funding, is to do some research and figure out how you can do many things your self. Of course, the Publicists, if you hire a good one has a myriad of experience at this as well as some allegiances and contacts which can circumvent the hard work and diligent efforts that are required on this journey.

Here are a few more things we need to ask ourselves about our objectives . . .

Do you have a Web Site ?

Do you have a BLOG ?

Have you approached the Local Libraries ?

Are there any Reading Groups you can join ?

Have you submitted to any Book Clubs for possible review ?

Have you considered putting together a “Power Team” ?

Who are you affiliated with and can you do a link exchange ?

Have you done a press Release ?

Have you gone Public with TV, Print Media or Radio ? 

How often are you telling people about your product and how ?

Have you considered any other alternatives ?

Are you networked with other “Like Minded” Artists, and what are they doing that you are not ?

Have you considered doing Readings or Public Shows to spread the News ?

What is your Advertising Budget and how are you using it to deploy your message ?

Does everyone you know and everyone they know, know about you ?

Why NOT ? . . . They Should !

These are but a few of the things one should consider in their quest to be seen and move their product. There are many tools and resources available to those who have the Passion, Desire, Determination, Will and Fortitude. In the end your lack is what you allow in your life. If you want more . . GO GET MORE ! Knock on Doors and ASK EVERYONE to assist you in any way they can . . .  the worst they can say is NO . . .which you have already been telling your self.


Happy Hunting



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These are but a few ways to get started . . . Remember Google is FREE as well . . . just ask questions and search for the answers that best fit you !


If you Want Nothing . . .Do Nothing !