The Business of Books


So now you are in business for yourself ? Yes, you are now a Published Author, and that is exactly what it is, Business !


All too often, newly Published Authors are of the misconception that their work is completed once they get their book in their hand. WAKE UP CALL !!!! Trust me . . . the work has just begun.


Speak with any successful Author, and they will have more testimony than we wish to hear, about the Hardships, Trials, Tribulations and the Sacrifices that go along with “Success”. Many new Authors get stuck on their achievement of finally getting Published and their zeal is compromised. Yes . . . it “IS” a “MAJOR” achievement. WELCOME to the 1% Club of Writers. But if you are vying for more than a collection of your offerings to be utilized as Christmas and Birthday Gifts, Door Stops, Book Ends and Paper Weights, it is time for you to get an education and finite understanding as to what will assist you making the transition towards “Success”.


I have in the past written a few Articles that address many facets of getting prepared for this moment. There is nothing quite like experiencing the potential let down when you awaken and realize that people, including Family and Friends are not kicking down your door or FaceBook Page to get your book . . . Surprise!!!!


The process of being a productive and functionally “Selling” Author is WORK !!!


You will hear all the promises of “Next Week” or “when I get paid” . . .  you might even experience hearing “Blatant Lies” and a myriad of other excuses. Use this as the fuel for your fire. To become somewhat successful does require a heightened level of “Drive”, “Enthusiasm”, “Action” and “Determination”. I call this the “D.E.A.D.” Principle . . .  yes . . .I must die to all that I thought I knew about this process and “Re-Create” my “Self” into that persona I desire to be. I must not allow any thing or anyone to deter me from what it is I seek to accomplish. I will listen to every “No” and constantly and consistently seek other avenues of expression to let



people know I have said what I have come to say . . . I Am Published, and I have a Book for sale and I want you to buy it . . . NOW !


Trust me . .  you will be confronted with a significant amount of Indifference, Patronization and “No” . . .  but the truth of the matter simply is, your results will mirror your Zeal, Diligence, Efforts and Marketing Creativity.


Finally . . . Remember This, You are your best Agent and Ambassador . . . and “Every Time you hear a “NO” you are getting closer to a “YES”. . . 


Happy Hunting






‘just bill’ aka William S. Peters, Sr. is the Founder and Managing Director of Inner Child Enterprises. He is not only a Writer and Author, but also a Radio Talk Show Producer and Host, Publisher, Public Speaker and Executive for a Privately held Music Production Concern, Magazine and Newspaper, amongst many other things.



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