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All Books Titled “My First Poetry Book” are the result of an Essay Contest administered by Janet P. Caldwell, COO of Inner Child Enterprises, ltd. and sponsored by Inner Child Press, ltd.

The vision was to assist the unpublished Poet to become thus so. We received in excess of 40 entries that complied to the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, of which we awarded Publishing Contracts to over 30 New Authors. The Titles My First Poetry Book were awarded Chap Book publishing. There were also in excess of 10 other Writers / Poets who received a Full Feature Publishing because of their prolific essays and what they had to say.

In the end, we all were winners in this effort, and we commend all who submitted for their eloquent expressions about Poetry and themselves. There are more titles to come.

Stay Tuned for our Literary Community Involvement Projects such as Anthologies and Contests.

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