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On July 2, 2006, i lost my Life Mate Virisa to cancer . . .  Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since that time life for me has taken a definitive and profound new direction. I found myself on a strange path in a wilderness i did not recognize. I became dysfunctional, disconnected and disenfranchised from all that i thought i knew as life. 

This book as are most of mine is truly about my personal evolution and my seeking of reconciliation . . . not only about losing my Virisa, but the journey of resolution about the many questions that have still yet gone unanswered. There still prevails a dysfunction by and large with the children of our union.

In the years since, i have been truly blessed with many situations which introduce very significant people into my life. This provided me an anchor to a variety of realities which did not always agree with me, nor did i always comprehend. Hence this book, a Day by Day account of the spirit of my thoughts, my heart  and the musings that evolved from them.

They say there is a commonness that resides within each of us that exemplifies our connectedness. My single aspiration with this offering is that you, the reader will find some semblance of commonality in my words.

Bless Up


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The best way for me to describe the words you will encounter between these pages is to share with you what i am striving to achieve with my expressions therein . . . Sweetness.

I had the opportunity along with Janet P. Caldwell to attend and participate in The International Poetry Festival held in Kosovo. The embrace of the people was without an equal. The country is one of a certain beauty with the Vineyards scattered across the hills and the horizons.

There was a unique affection given us right from our very arrival as we were met at the Prishtine Airport by Qazim and Visar. This type of fellowship and communion was the defining legacy of our entire visit with the people and the visiting poets from all over the globe.

Herein are my humble words i offer in my attempts to capture and commemorate the beauty life has afforded me in my brief visit to a beautiful land where dreams are spawned.

I am especially grateful for my Brother Fahredin Shehu for making this all possible with his kind invitation to his home . . . Rahovec, Kosovo.

I pray that my thoughts and sentiments within  my words do honor unto such a wonder filled and loving adventure that we were blessed to experience.

Bless Up


Recap Kosovo

Greetings Family,

I just wish to feed back to you all about the amazing time Janet and i had in the wonderful country of Kosovo. The people of Kosovo and especially the city of Rahovec were so embracing and loving in all ways. As representatives of Inner Child, Poetry and the United States of America, there were no gestures of a most gracious hospitality left undone. Mr. Fahredin Shehu, my Brothers Visar Korenica and Quazim Cana aka Doc were without question some of the most wonderful human beings i have encountered in my 64 years of life. The entire affair was stellar in all ways. We were embraced in fellowship, brotherhood and love wherever we travelled, whether it was the Waiters and Owners of the various restaurants, The Keepers of the Shrines, People’s Homes, the Hotels and their Staff or the Vineyards. There will always be a special place in our heart. for the Esra Palace Hotel and Restaurant, the place we called home for the last seven days.  I could go on and on about the wonderful time we had. I wish also to acknowledge and thank the Deputy Minister of Culture for his loving embrace of us as Americans and as Poets.

I had the honor of showcasing my book, The Vine Keeper at the affair and it was such an humbling experience to be selected from a field of World Class Poets to do so. There were Poets representing their countries from all over the globe. We made some very wonderful bonds of friendship and family with our fellow Poets. I also was very humbled to be named the Inaugural Poet Laureate of the Kosovo International Poetry Festival, where i was awarded the very first Golden Grape Award. Janet and i will cherish these moments in our lives for as long as we shall live. Though i did not attend the festival to compete in any manner, i am truly, truly humbled in more ways than i can even begin to imagine.

Again, i lovingly thank all who have supported this effort with their prayers, well wishes and donations. I cannot even begin to repay you for your kindness.

Bless Up


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Poet Laureate


The Kosovo International Poetry Festival

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The Golden Grape Award

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william s. peters, sr.


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compiled by

Christina F. Neal


1st edit

Alan Jankowski


final edit

Janet P. Caldwell


Janet P. Caldwell


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for all those

who must face change . . .

it is inevitable

however . . .

you are not alone.


Notes from the Coffee Table appeared at my doorstep of consciousness unexpectantly. Being a Writer / Poet, i pride myself on my listening abilities. I love being observant, hoping to gather some inspiration to continue expressing, not only myself from my experiential perspectives, but in hopes to write something that is more far reaching than the “Me”. I believe Notes from the Coffee Table is just that type of Creative Offering.

Everyone experiences Change. Some changes are prolific and some are subtle. When life calls for us to experience more dramatic changes such as exemplified by way of Relationship, Death and a few other potential Life Altering situations, we become introspective. In Notes from the Coffee Table i was able to tap into my own experiences of having a Life Mate / Wife transition as well as having to go through the ending of other meaningful relationships. Every time i have found myself surrounded with a myriad of Questions, Thoughts and Emotions. Here in Notes from the Coffee Table, i am sharing such introspective, retrospective and circumspective pondering. Most of us either have or will experience this at times in our life.

My objective and intent is but to perhaps touch something in the reader that is common to us all. In that, hopefully someone will be able to take the short cut toward self reconciliation.

Blessed Be



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a biographical sketch of . . .

William S. Peters, Sr.


‘just bill’

Bill aka William S. Peters, Sr. is the Proud Single Father of 11 children and 8 Grandchildren.

Bill has been writing for over 45 years. Being first Published in 1972, Bill has since went on to Author over 30 additional Volumes of Poetry, Short Stories, etc., expressing his thoughts on matters of the Heart, Spirit, Consciousness and Humanity. His primary focus is that of Love, Peace and Understanding!

Due to his own personal circumstances that “Life’s Travels” has presented to him such as the Crossing Over of his Beloved Wife, Virisa on 2 July 2006, he says he found himself deeply immersed in an abysmal place filled with convoluting voices of Love, Light, Darkness, Despair and Understanding. These Voices transmuted to feelings and thus to insights and thus to the expressive words you will find all over the internet. 

Bill is not only a Writer and Poet, he is also a Public Speaker, Empowerment Work Shop Leader, Consultant, Activist, Radio Personality, Broadcast Media Producer, Spoken Word and Recording Artist and so much more. Bill is the Founding Director of Inner Child Enterprises as well as the Director of Publicity for Society Hill Music.  Bill has a Global Reading Audience and Fan Base. He is known for his Humanitarian Work and Activism in many communities in and outside of writing.

Bill has been featured in many magazines such as Big The Magazine, which incidentally he won the esteemed “Person of the Year Award” for the Year 2009 – 2010; Pen Strokes; Spoken Visions; Cattura; We are Creative People; Om Times and countless others. He has been featured on countless Sites for his Insightful Spiritual Loving touch found in the words of his Expressions in Poetry, Story and Analogy.

As i mentioned earlier, Bill is also a Spoken Word Artist and his current CD “free thinker” is available through that site as well as CD Baby, ReverbNation, Amazon, iTunes, etc.

He also has his own Social Community http://innerchild.ning.com.  His Publicist, Adelle Banks Wilson of Adelle Conexxions and Manager, Michelle McKinnie, have nothing to say but good things about Bill and his Wonderful Empowering Spiritual Work. Bill is truly a blessing to anyone that is so graced to know him !

Bill is the Chief Executive of The Inner Child Radio Network which airs 7 Days a week on Blog Talk Radio and TalkShoe. For more information about all Inner Child Enterprises you can go to the Directory Web Site www.iaminnerchild.com. Bill’s Goal with his work is simply to make a “Change”.

Bill additionally offers himself to others for Inspiration, Healing and Counseling. He has supported and inspired many Light Workers, Healers, Writers and Poets to further their path with their own expressions. He is also the Executive editor of Inner Child Magazine (www.innerchildmagazine) and the Managing Director of a Unique Publishing Concern, Inner Child Press where his primary focus is empowering Writers and assisting them in bringing their Words to Eyes and Ears of the General Populace around this "Wonderful World" of ours.

Inner Child Press


Bill says . . .

I have always likened Life to that of a Garden. So, for me, Life is simply  about the Seeds we Sow and Nourish. All things we “Think and Do”, will “Be” Cause and eventually manifest itself to being an “Effect” within our own personal  “Existences” and “Experiences” . . . whether it be Fruit, Flowers, Weeds or Barren Landscapes! Bill highly regards the Fruits of his Labor and wishes that everyone would thus go on  to plant “Lovely” Seeds on “Good Ground” in their own Gardens of Life!


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