Fahredin Shehu

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Fahredin Shehu is a highly Noted and Acclaimed World Renowned Poet, Author, Teacher and so much more. He graduated from Prishtina University with a Degree in Oriental Studies. In his continuing Education he received an M.A. in Literature. and a PhD in Sacral Esthetics.

Fahredin hails from Rahovec, South East of Kosova and has been embraced affectionately for his acutely gifted insightful poetic expressions by the Global Poetry Community. The depth and knowledge of many spiritual aspects that affect Humanity subtly shines through in his work. Pleroma’s Dew is such a graceful work that serves to add to the accolades of this much celebrated Poet / Author / Philosopher.

We are deeply humbled and honored here at Inner Child Press to be able to work with such a Gifted Human Being.

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