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"Everyone has a Magical Self.  The purpose of humanity is to evolve consciously to the point where each of us claims our true identity as a super being hidden behind the mask of an evolving consciousness.  Shirlee Hall describes a variety of her ongoing life experiences with an amazing energy that is multi-dimensional and has its root in pure love and wisdom.  Humans are not a fixed product.  Through examples, we are reminded that within is that self without the veil, with a perfect memory of who and what we are...a beautiful self of light and wonder."

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Shirlee Hall

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Shirlee Hall has served consciousness as a visionary, professional speaker, natural healer, spiritual consultant, author, and inspirational teacher and workshop leader for over thirty-six years. The pure intent behind the author’s specialties is to be an example and also suggest how to apply universal truths and healing energy into a permanent sense of wholeness, which embraces every aspect of life. Inner Child Press, Ltd. now shares her joy and love expressed in her original book, Circle of Light through a re-publication under the title, Circle of Light Revisited. Shirlee Hall’s work has been conceived and thus offered as a direct result of the urgings of those who are a part of the circle of life and have been positively impacted with its message.

Circle of Light - Revisited  is a stunning combination of firsthand experiences during a ten year period of non-physical communication with others regarding an inner knowledge, a movement of spiritual identity, and a memory of truth that the author held close to her heart.  The language of intuition, a luminous rhythm and a truth replete with flashes of light, healing and  an embrace of truth that served and still serves as a gradual recognition of spiritual identity.  The sharing is a point of joy that is lovingly offered  as a continuous spiritual progression with all who are ready to receive it~

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