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Hülya N. Yılmaz, Ph.D.

Director of Editing

Mission Statement

As the Director of Editing Services my vision is to not disturb the authentic voice of the writer / poet but to aim towards a level of excellence that delivers a product which will be fulfilling and rewarding to a global readership.

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As a “Professional Writer”, there are times when an unfulfilled obligation is not being addressed in honor of our readers and fans. Many times, as writers we may believe our inspiration, thoughts and messages conveyed through our writing are enough . . . not so. Clarity and fluidity are an integral part of how we and our written offerings are perceived and finally evaluated as meaningful. It is essential to not only have a good story, but to also be clear in our language usage and story development.

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hülya n. yılmaz [sic], Ph. D., is a retired Penn State professor with an extensive teaching career in German, Comparative Literature and Turkish studies. Advanced-level creative writing, her most prominent instructional focus, constitutes her primary area of expertise. Her academic publications and treatises dwell on the literary reflections of cross- and inter-cultural influences, between the West and the Islamic East in particular. A member of the Editorial Freelancers Association and the Academy of American Poets, yılmaz served as editorial consultant for a large number of literary manuscripts of national and international content with her substantial experience in book evaluations, critiques, developmental editing and literary translations.

yılmaz has authored Trance, a trilingual book of poetry with her own literary translations in English and Aflame. Memoirs in Verse, a collection of poems in English, and co-authored An Aegean Breeze of Peace, poetry in English. Her third solo book, this and that is pending publication. She has presented some of her poetic work in various countries outside the U.S., including Kosovo, Canada, Jordan and Tunisia. The Year of the Poet is an international anthology to which hülya contributes every month with her poems. Her poetry has been published in an excess of sixty-eight anthologies of global endeavors. Several of her poems have been highlighted in Pastiche, a local literary journal. Two of her poems were distinguished on April 15, 2017 through inclusion in a U.S.-wide poetry exhibition that is the second in the nation –TelePoem Booth, a permanent public art installation in her hometown, State College, PA. On May 25, 2018, WIN – the Writers International Network of British Colombia, Canada honored hülya with a poetry award.

hülya is currently working on four book-length literary manuscripts: poetry in English and Turkish with her own translations of the Turkish poems; poems in English; poetry in Turkish with her own English translations, and a collection of short stories. Her short prose, including feature articles, professional prefaces, introductions, forewords and epilogues, has appeared in literary publications of national and international makeup.

yılmaz says, she finds it vital for everyone to understand a deeper sense of self and that she writes creatively to attain and nourish a more comprehensive understanding and development of our humanity.

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