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Looking for Rainbows

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Jackie Davis Allen


As you begin reading Looking for Rainbows, may your heart be touched.  May you laugh, and smile. But, should you be inclined to shed a tear as you identify with a poem's expression of pain, may you always remember to look for the rainbow that comes after the rain. 

As a little child growing up in southwestern Virginia, in the Cumberland Mountains of Appalachia, I far too often heard my mother say, "Wait until the adults are through talking, and then you may have a turn." 

Time and time again, she reminded me that I had to wait. Once I entered school, it would be different.  Or, so I thought.  There I would make friends with children my own age.  Finally, I would talk to my heart's delight.

It didn't exactly happen that way. First grade frequently found me with my nose in a circle on the chalkboard, my hands behind my back, and me standing on tiptoes: the punishment for talking or whispering, or looking as if it were about to happen. 

After graduating from Radford College, Radford, Virginia, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, I began a new life in northern Virginia. 

 . . . continued in the Book


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