How to Format your Poetry Manuscript for Submission

December 21, 2013
How to Format your Poetry Manuscript for Submission

How to Format your Poetry Manuscript for Submission


1          Establish your Final Book Size

            6 by 9

            5 by 8

            5 ½ by 8 ½

            8 by 10

            8 ½ by 11


2          Set Word Document up to appropriate Size *


3          Set Margins accordingly *


            Top :                .75inches

            Bottom :           .75 inches

            Left                1.0 inches

            Right              1.0 inches


4          Text must be Single Spaced



5          Font : 12 pt. Times Roman


6          Titles must be Underlined

            with 2 spaces between Poem Body


7          Do not insert Pictures / Graphics in Manuscript

            (must be sent as separate attachment)


8          Construct a Table Of Contents (TOC)

            as your work appears


9          Send in separate attachment the following as applies


                  About The Author / Bio






                  Pictures / Graphics

                  Table of Contents (TOC)


10        Cover Page should include the following


                  Title of Work

                  Author’s Full and Legal Name

                  Author’s Mailing Address

                  Author’s Telephone Number




*       How to Set Up A Word Document



Word 2003



Word 2007



Word 2010



Word 2013



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Writing Opportunities . . . for the Dedicated and Serious Writer

December 13, 2013

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Team Work

December 1, 2013

Team Work


There is no doubt whatsoever that publishing a book is the epitome of Team Work. Of course the Writer / Author is the most integral aspect, however without the contributing components and talents of others, the greatest works / writings quite often go unnoticed and do not receive their just due.


When we examine a book, the first thing we see is the Cover. Covers themselves have been responsible for many disappointing purchases by the consumer. Conversely so, poorly designe...

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Editing ~

December 1, 2013

Editing ~


It is said that the best editing always comes after your work is published. This truism reigns true for most writers, but more especially for the novice or “First Time Author”.


The importance of editing your work to make sure that you are putting your best work out is integrally important, for you are representing your self. Your personal level of excellence is clearly stated in the quality of your work.


As a Publisher and Writer my self, far too often i have the ...

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How to Become a Best Selling Author

May 9, 2013

How to Become a Best Selling Author


Wait . . .  yes, that’s it . . .  wait !


But there are some things you must do before you begin the waiting process and during as well. Don’t worry, it is not that painful.


1          Get off your ass . . . stop dreaming and get to work. It may not be easy, but it is   

            rewarding !


2          Let people know every day, every opportunity that you do have a

            Book “FOR SALE”!!!


3          Tell other peop...

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Editing Poetry

March 22, 2013

Editing Poetry


Editing Poetry can be one of the most difficult and daunting tasks of any Editor, Publisher or 3rd party. Poetry being one of the most misunderstood and interpretive genres within the Literary Community often escapes the conformity to the rules of Grammar and many other aspects within the dynamic of written communication. Many Poets take license to circumvent these rules either deliberately or not. It is good to establish an understanding for the Editor and Poet that the ...

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Dear Author

March 11, 2013

Dear Author,


Are you employing all the known possibilities and resources you have at your fingertip[s to get the notoriety your Cherished Work deserves ? Are you sitting, waiting for that “Knock on the Door”; “Phone Call” or “E Mail” informing you that you have won the Publisher Clearing House Free trip to Wealth and Fame ? . .  .Yeah, me too. But in the mean time perhaps we can assist the World in coming to understand and accept that we have something to Say and Share with ...

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Publicity Costs . . . make the Investment

January 12, 2013

Publicity Costs . . . make the Investment

All Artists, whether you are a Writer, Musician  vie to have their creativity embraced . . . to some degree. For this a Publicity Campaign is required. There are 2 basic options as to how one may approach this. Either you hire a Publicist, which can cost you up to several thousands of dollars . . .or you become one!

Most Creative Individuals are not prepared nor capable of taking off their garbs of inspiration and cloaking themselves with the...

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Selling your Book ~ The Passive vs. The Proactive

November 25, 2012

Selling your Book

The Passive vs. The Proactive


If you are like myself and most Authors, we feel a great sense of accomplishment just because we have a Book in Print with our name on it or in it. Books do sell ! There are the “trickle” sales and there is something quite different and dynamic . . . . and of course there is a wide expanse of experience in between the two. This leads to our sub title of this article “The Passive vs. The Proactive”.


First let us examine this ...

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The Technocratic Aspects of Books

August 22, 2012

The Technocratic Aspects of Books


We live in such an Automated, Technocratic world these days, that we often lose touch and identity with what matters.


When i consider the “Business of Books” and Publishing i am simply amazed at the progress as well as the transition the industry has gone through. And yes, let us clearly understand that it is an “Industry”. Many moons ago when i first began writing, i can honestly say that i did not even know a writer personally, and i defin...

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