Arnita D. Doggett

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"Tears of an Angel"


First and foremost I want to give Thanks to God for giving me the gift of words; making it possible to dedicate this book to the memory of my Be-Loved Cousin Sherrie R. Lott-Hicks. Love lives on ...

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Over Now


many nights i've thought about you

you went away it broke my heart in two

many nights i've called out your name

i knew inside i'd never be the same


many nights i've held my pillow tight

holdin' you made everything alright

many nights i've prayed for your return

the fire deep within for you still burns


one day i'll find the answer

just what day i'm not for sure

one day i'll find the answer

there's got to be a cure


i love you

yet wish i knew

some magic way to forget about you

cause it's over now ...



It has been a great pleasure in getting to know Ms. Doggett this last year. I met her through a mutual friend, who runs a poetry group and hosts a Radio show for All Artists. Ms. Doggett is a humble, unassuming and very accomplished poet. Each-time she came to the mic with her Lady-Like quality and Angelic Voice, I was shocked by the strength behind every syllable she uttered.

Many of the poems were packed with a punch, in as few as two to three replete lines. She leaves you sated, knowing that you have been well-fed as she speaks of the love and desire from a very tender and romantic heart. She is a Spiritual woman as well, and has the ability to take us on longer journeys and you are right with her, in the moment, in her Spiritual Now.

Then we are grabbed by the throat, as she expresses the moments of disappointments and pain, followed by anguish as Ms. Doggett bares her soul. It was this point that I reached for the box of tissues. I invite you to take this journey with her, as I did. You will not be disappointed, as a matter of fact, you will not feel alone in this world. Happy Reading.


Janet P. Caldwell