Mitch Alexander

Coming September 1st, 2013

Michael “Mitch” Jamison: Pen names - Mitch Alexander/adult fiction and non-fiction, Mitch Ian Alexander/childrens fiction. I am a 42 year old adult child of an alcoholic who grew up in a religiously divided home. Honesty and humility was not important components of the childhood home. As the oldest of five children I was a needed care giver. I took on the role so completely that I had to be reminded as an adult that my siblings are not my own children.

I am motivated to write because of the abuse and traumas that I experienced throughout the first 40 years of my life. The only stability that I experienced as a youth came from being a Jehovah’s Witness and even then as an adult it failed to work. My parents saw little need to protect me and even less in helping me protect my sons. It became painfully obvious that as a whole society fails to value and protect children. I wanted to provide a means to open dialog between adults and children by addressing feelings with honesty and humility. Most adults have an unhealed child aspect and are touched by the simple message in my writing.

My hope is to motivate humanity in the human experience. We as a culture are failing our own citizens by forcing each other to ignore one’s own feelings. The truth is we cannot heal if we cannot feel. Humanity requires feeling. As a Christian who values the model Christ provided I see that he was motivated to allow himself to be killed by men in order to save the whole of mankind. That was a stark example of selflessness motivated by feeling-love. Ironically I have been adept in showing love without learning to accept love until I reached my mid thirties. I hope to reach people with love much earlier.

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