Neetu Wali

Neetu Wali

My Bio-Lyric


I was born on valentine

Aquarius is my sign

That is why

I am never dry?

Always wet with emotions

I don’t believe in expectations


I am my own school

I love to break every rule

That doesn’t make me feel cool

I see the world in two

Those who dress up to be a fool

Those who dress up to befool

My soul is my life goal

I want to live a whole

Coz I know that

A piece can never be at peace


Till the moment I cease

And my eyes are made to freeze

I will fight

Through my write

What I think is right

My haters will never know

What made them show

The word brave

On my grave


I am no nationality

I am no personality

I only know serenity

In a single me

I carry a trinity

Soul, mind and ingenuity

My life is no surety of sanity

Bcoz I love to behold my sanctity

And die for my purity

Though I am forty

Still no guarantee of maturity

Coz I like to be wild

Like a child

That may seem such signs of insanity


Now Available
My First Poetry Book

Neetu Wali of India, is an Awardee of Janet P. Caldwell’s Essay Contest underwritten by Inner Child Press. The theme of the essay was  “Why I Deserved To Be Published”.  Her essay distinguished its self and thus provided her with this publishing opportunity.  Neetu is a wonderful and very gifted and insightful Poet. Her verse is very redeeming and reflective. Neetu’s inaugural Authorship, “My First Poetry Book” will be available soon.. Congratulations Neetu Wali.

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