Norberto Cruz


Norberto Cruz is a prolific poet who writes about subjects that touch your heart and your mind.  This first book is divided into two sections; in the first the poems are written in English and grouped into multiple themes.  In the second, the poems are written in Spanish.    

In the poem written for Mother’s Day entitled “My Angel”, his grasp of tenderness and love is well represented.  He makes you believe that he is a child recalling his first encounter with his mother.

My Angel

One beautiful and magical day,

I opened my eyes and saw

A heavenly angel, smiling down on me.

As she smiled I could see

Such glow thru her eyes,

And from her heart a flow

Of bright colors as if,

They were rainbows from the sky.

She wrapped me with her wings

And held me with tenderness

As she kissed me with love.

It was then I knew

That this angel sent

From the heavens above,

Was my reason for being.

Flesh of my flesh

Blood of my blood

To whom my heart beats for,

With never ending eternal love.

I thank the lord and pray

Each and every day,

For that beautiful angel

Which smiled upon me one day...

Norberto’s poems are written in many different voices and on many different subjects.  The poems get you thinking and you either agree or disagree with his thought process; but you cannot deny his seeing through a gifted set of eyes.           

It has been a joy to work on his project and to get to know him personally. 

Deborah Wilson Smart
One Smart Lady Productions 

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“Poems, Thoughts, Words

Written with a pencil or pen,

Can heal one

or destroy ten.”

Excerpt From

Poetry by Norberto Cruz

Reason Why Flowers Glow


A hummingbird whispers

Into a flowers ear,

As he dances in mid air

To the harmonious sounds

Of nature standing still…

 While the flower in a trance

Releases her sweet nectar

With pleasure and ecstasy

As she glows with ease…

For the words spoken

Are coming from a thief,

Master of seduction

With one thing in mind,

Romancing flowers all around…

Addicted to the sweet taste

Of honey, and the sounds

Of passion, that can only

Be heard in spring

For a beautiful hummingbird

Whispers into a flowers ear,

Words that can only be understood

By the soul when it falls in love.

This must be the reason why

All flowers in spring glow...