Jen Walls

Jen Walls

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Jen Walls is a poet of wide international appeal. Through her vibrant spirit, she reaches inside and brings love into a joyful heart’s radiance, by pulsating deeper within such a personality of rare positivity. Her words float in breaths, expressing heart’s song, as only a passionate lover must.

She delights in dedicating each word to flow within its soulful resonance, bringing a caring touch upon the pen.  Jen’s poetic works appear regularly upon her Facebook page, as well as on inner child press’s Facebook group page. Her heart's blissfulness translates easily inside her peace-filled poems published widely within many renowned print/electronic publications and anthologies within the USA, UK, India, and other countries.

All life, to her, is a sacred ceremony of love’s activated prayers that are ever capable of enlivening, within spirit’s realization to evolve as universal peace for all humanity. As a devoted nature lover, homemaker, classical/ceremonial vocalist, and care advocate for elderly/youth causes; she is  also a loving and proud mother of two sons. Jen currently lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, embracing life with her family.

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“Gentle breaths so give

meet rise of sunshine's flaring

heart's soul over-spills.”

Jen Walls

Cosmic Unity ~ Five Haiku


Jen Walls

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Jen Walls

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what People are Saying…

Jen Walls is a powerful voice in contemporary English poetry who is widely published and known worldwide for her poetic corpus. Her vibrant spirit rings true with love for all life and represents her joyful heart’s radiance and beauty. Drawn from the inner spring she breathes love’s ecstasy in her poetry and delights in resonating love’s spiritual caring touch, in a universal language of love!

Jen weaves at the loom of life's experience the finest multi-hued tapestry of exquisitely crafted and textured verse forms, and sings it as a sacred life ceremony at the altar of heart’s Muses praying for lasting peace for all beings!

Jen is a devoted nature lover, a trained ceremonial vocalist, a dedicated care advocate for elderly and youth causes, and a loving mother of two teenage sons. She currently lives with her husband and family, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. Her heart’s passions continue to evolve and include music, world cultures, photography, spiritual studies, public speaking, and spoken word multi-media recitals.

Dr. Yayati Madan G. Gandhi

International Mystic Poet Laureate

President, Global Fraternity of Poets

Jen Walls genuinely writes poetry and walls of doubt, anguish and fear come tumbling down! This is what we as writers strive to accomplish. It is also what we recognize in the grasp and scope of those that we admire! She boldly flows her pen, just so delightfully!”

Tony Haynes

Poet, Author, American Lyricist and Songwriter

Amazing poetry! Jen’s soulful metaphors make pure poetry. Her sweet descriptive songs of heart are classical yet ultramodern. Enchanting butterflies come floating up from Jen’s computer keys!

Prof. Prem Mohan Lakhotia

Author, Linguist, Literary Figure and Critic

Jen Walls writes soulful poetry that speaks directly into the inner recesses of the heart. Simplicity of expression and complexity of thought are hallmarks of her poetic creations. She traverses the universe within a heart overflowing with human love, and appears more of a sage with a heart full of blessings, for mankind, as well as for the whole cosmos!

Dr. J.S. Anand

Author, Poet, Fiction-Writer


Jen Walls is a true discoverer. She is a natural poetess who believes in life’s co-existence! In discovering happiness through her love, nature and spirituality, it becomes an art of living for her; encompassing universal love and brotherhood bringing us feelings of deepened abundance of a soulful experience of joy.

Tribhawan Kaul

Author, Poet, Freelance writer

It is a rare art to find such a devoted wordsmith that truly captivates and subtly transforms readers within a few dear lines of pure verse. Jen brings us into her heart with great ease and care.

Dr. Shahzia Batool

Poet, Academic, Literary Critic

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