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Bassam S. Abu-Ghazalah

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An avid writer and literary translator, Bassam S. Abu-Ghazalah was born in Nablus, Palestine and lives in Amman, Jordan. The majority of his writings –books of poetry, short stories and novels are composed in Arabic, the author’s native tongue.

A pharmaceutist by profession, Dr. Bassam S. Abu-Ghazalah has a record of literary work that is compatible with those by full-time writers. A compressed account of his published offerings does suffice to attest to this claim, including his Rubaiyyat, a book of poetry; Across Jordan, a novel; a multitude of short stories; books translated from English to Arabic, including Prelude to Israel by Alan Tylor, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power by Gregory Wilpert, We Created Chavez by George Ciccariello-Maher and Israel and the Clash of Civilizations by Jonathan Cook; books translated from Arabic to English, such as, Social Life in Jerusalem in the 20th Century by Subhi Ghosheh, Haifa, Burqa. A Search for Roots by Samih Masoud, al-Quds Is Not Jerusalem by Fadhel Rubayee and Crossing Jordan by Fadhel Rubayee.

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