Demetrios Trifiatis

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Friend of Wisdom

Philosopher they call me,

Following Pythagoras of old,

A friend of wisdom it means and

Nothing more.

For years, I tried to understand

Philosophy’s principles and

For decades, her ethics strived to apply

Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Heraclitus

My subjects were, thus

Faithfully myself

Devoted to their teaching

With no success, I confess

From my part

But not for the lack of trying.

And now,

As I descend life’s end clearer by the day

I come to realize to my horror

That although I remained a loyal friend

To wisdom to this day

Wisdom herself has never thought of me

The same way.

Demetrios Trifiatis, January 13, 2013

about Demetrios Trifiatis

The author was born in 1944 in a small village, three hundred kilometers northwest of Athens, Greece. After the death of his father – with Demetrios being at the age of ten, and of his mother – when he was fourteen, he moved to Athens where he continued his schooling while working at the same time.

After the completion of his military service, the author immigrated to Canada where he did his undergraduate studies in philosophy at Concordia  University. Then he proceeded to complete his post-graduate studies at the Universite de Montreal on the philosophy of Heraclitus of Ephesus. Demetrios became a Canadian citizen in 1976 and stayed in Canada for eighteen years, teaching philosophy and English as a second language. He has written and published short stories, wrote the libretto of a historical oratorio that was presented under the auspices of the Greek ministry of culture and had also a radio and a television program of philosophical content.

Trifiatis was a member of the Canadian Philosophical Association and the Secretary General of the Greek International Center of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research, where in collaboration with professors of the Athens University he had helped to organize a number of international congresses on philosophy, politics, religion and education.  He was the director of different schools and colleges and has run for the Greek and European parliaments. He used to be an athlete and was running marathons.

Demetrios has been involved with humanitarian and peace organizations and used to participate in peace events, such as that of Malta in 1989 when President Bush of the United States and the Soviet Secretary Gorbachev had met. He also regularly visited hospitals and prisons under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice, offered free English language classes at his church. Throughout his life, Trifiatis has been working to alleviate the suffering of his fellow humans in any way he could.

Having traveled extensively around the world, the author has lived also accordingly: eighteen years in Canada, two in England, one in Denmark, one in China, and some months in the US, in Russia, in the Balkans, New Zealand etc.  He speaks Greek, English, French and has studied German, Danish and Italian. Now he is retired in Greece and occupies himself with writing poetry and taking care of his roof garden.   

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