Christine "Chrissy" Fulco

Christine . . . practices Life with a Spiritual Twist . . .


. . . that is what “Chrissy” is about !



Chrissy was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. She now resides in Arkansas. Chrissy has a knack for Teaching, and a profound love for the Children and the Elderly. She spends most of her free time Reading, Writing and doing Crossword Puzzles.



Christine has a Unique and Distinctive voice that shines through in the reflective Style of her Poetry. She says that her poetry usually emerges through emotion spurred on by the Ying and Yang of Life, the love she has for friends and justice. She further states that she has a unusually deep appreciation for the question "Why?"



In the end, authenticity takes the day and Chrissy finds that poetry helps to keep her just that.

We at Inner Child Press are all looking forward to the Publishing of Christine’s first Book in August of 2011.


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This Thing Called Love

I hold it I mold it I try not to scold it I reap it I sweep it try always to keep it embrace it deface it can never replace it be kind it unwind it! ... this thing called love.

Me and My Kind


When I fall between the cracks

And get lost in the crowd

When insignificance shrouds my mind,

It's what I do there

In that place of despair

That defines me and my kind.


I pick up my heart

And give it a hug

And say to her "You are loved.

A butterfly you will one day be

But patience is needed

My dove."


Then I rest

Trusting the process's best

And let my heart simply beat its beat,

For my time will come

To fly from my home

To the sky - - - free myself to meet.

Paint Me

Paint me, all you see, in colors mute and colors gold,

groans of grey and joys of white with pallet grand and brush of silk.

Paint me artist!  if only with opaques and gessos,

broad purposeful strokes in arches and lines or tiny dabs of shadow sublime.

Oh Paint me!  for then I'll know I'm seen.