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Elise Fee is a Life Mentor, Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Writer whose business “EliseOnLife” helps clients get a new lease on life. She works with clients all over the world via Skype or telephone, and enjoys speaking to corporate and nonprofit audiences alike. Elise’s many varied life experiences have taught her broader, more expansive ways to view and experience the world and humanity.  She enjoys living among the majestic red rocks of Southwest Utah.

Elise is also a winner in the esteemed World Healing World Peace 2012 Poetry Contest. Her entry, “The Tipping Point” finished in the top 3 from submissions all over the Globe.

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The Tipping Point

As a child,

I dreamt

of making a difference.

 I perceived actions to be taken

and people to be helped;

only later recognizing

that changing the world

 is an internal experience.

When I change my heart

and join with the oneness

of humanity,

the effect plays out

across the planet’s skin

rippling into the lives

of so many unknown, untold others

in ways I can’t begin to fathom --

with miraculous outcomes


When I go within

to find my clearest essence

and choose to live

from that pure space,

I broadcast my light

like a beacon in the dark sky,

illuminating and brightening

far-off corners of the world,

effecting personal healing

in diverse and unique ways

known only to those who receive.

When I live in my sacred center,

my peace emanates and evokes

a cascading stillness,

silently washing through mankind.

Through my personal awareness,

I have planted the seed

for a peaceful world.

And a miraculous synergy

takes effect

as I and you and we

do the same.

An energetic root system

connects us to one another --

tapped into mother earth,

sustained on the life-support

of our love and unity.

Collectively we create

wellsprings of peace

within us

until we reach

that magical tipping point.


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The Spiritual Human


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Though ultimately, the only person who can teach you about personal growth and enlightenment is yourself, it is nevertheless comforting to have an inspired guide. Elise Fee is such a spiritual “enlightener.” Her poems best explain the myriad ways we can approach the mystical phenomenon of discovering self.

Ms. Fee’s poetry collection embodied in The Spiritual Human assumes we will do some following, but not in the traditional sense. She encourages us to follow our knowing, follow our soul’s direction, and in utter simplicity, learn to trust—ourselves.

There is nothing pretentious in the Fee poems. Devoid of even punctuation distracters, all restraining filters have been removed. What remains are finely sifted thoughts, open-hearted discoveries, gossamer gatherings from the cosmos to the karmic.

To experience The Spiritual Human poems is to become our own archeologists. Delving into our inherent human natures, the storms of our feelings, the dust of the past and present, we are supported to go risking to know ourselves through deep explorations on personal walkabouts.

Our reward, if we can “stay in this place of letting go” and “giving away our power” is for each of us to “feel at home in our own skin.” She reminds us that “love is what we seek, yet already have.”

These poems are simple yet far from simplistically ho hum. They help us wrestle in the realm of the “solid and shaped” of matter and beyond into the “mystical and etheric” of spirit. Tethered to our humanness, we are so much more. Always our individual dances in “this waltz of life are pulsing with the rhythm of love.” That love is inherent in our daily lives in limitless variations on the universal themes.

Moving from our individual selves into relationships with others, and the wider world of the planet, brings to full fruition the journey we must take within ourselves. In her poem “What If,” the message is clear: “I can only understand another once I find myself.”

I’ll Love You from Here epitomizes the acceptance of another loved one’s character while taking care of self. “I decided to love myself more. I knew you should stay there. I’ll love you from here.” (punctuation my own).

Being able to illuminate our own beautiful souls empowers us to find the “unending wave of compassion and understanding” in others.

The Spiritual Human is not a book for the faint of heart but a power-infused beacon of hope for a better world in “a sublime expression of love and joy.”

Caroll Louise Shreeve

Author ~ Illustrator of Life Is Good, a guided gratitude journal,

interactive poetry with creative prompting activities.

Her novel The Wind Remembers is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

Robin Rousseau Reviews

The Spiritual Human : A Poetic Guide to Life on Earth by Elise Fee

The Spiritual Human: A Poetic Guide to Life on Earth is book of poetry for the 21st century. Unlike poetry from the Victorian Days, Elise's poems are relevant and inspirational for issues we deal with today in our modern world. Her poems give the reader a sense of self confidence to keep going through these times of turbulent change.

Through the art of the written word, she says,  I stand here with you in spirit as a friend, someone to hold you up when no one else will. We move through these times together, me as you and you as me.

Here is a poem from The Spiritual Human: A Poetic Guide to Life on Earth :


The Privilege of Life

to be here

at this time

of great transformation

and change

to be present

on this planet

that breathes love

into our every pore

to be living

connected to all

feeling the individual

and collective nature

of everyone

to be aware

of my thoughts




to be here, now

is the greatest

privilege of life


I loved this book and encourage you to curl up with it on the couch like it's your new best friend. If you don't like the old fashioned poetry with dramatic declarations of love and loss, you'll appreciate this treat. It's a book for your issues and your time in history. 


Everything and Nothing

when i look within my essence

and sense the true nature of me

i come face to face with everything

i can look at the chaos out there

the crashes, tumults and uproars

and know that it is nothing

when i allow the weight of the world

to rest upon my shoulders

it feels like everything

when i allow the beauty of life

to permeate my soul

it’s easy to dissolve into nothing


Her chapters include: The Human Scene, Feeling it All, Finding God Within, A New Perspective, A Wider Circle of Love, When Souls Collide, All for One, The Spiritual Human

Spend some time with beautiful book of poetry and you'll feel a renewed sense of peace. Keep it close by for moments when you need a friend to help you through the fog of life and let it guide you to the next step.

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