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God blessed Patrice “Lyrical Passion” Rivers with a gift of writing at the early age of nine.  Starting out writing short fiction stories, it allowed her mind to wander and be creative and imaginative. It also left her wondering what her writing ability was as a young girl.  Then at the age of fifteen, she found her passion to write poetry, inspired by one of her high school friends.  Writing never left her side and her dream of becoming a writer/author was about to come true.  As Patrice continued to express her writing through poetry throughout her life, it became a more personal type of poetry that related to situations that she was going through.  Encouragement is a very big deal in the world today and she felt that everyone needed encouragement of some sort.  Her first book “A Collection of God’s Word and Motivation” was released May of 2012.

Patrice Nicole Rivers is a graduate of Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia.  She majored in Mass Communications with a concentration in Print Media.  Her goals in life are to continue writing uplifting poetry, short stories, and novels and to get her Master’s degree in Psychology/Creative Writing.  She believes she has the determination and attitude to continue uplifting and encouraging others as well as herself.  Patrice plans to expand her interest in writing children and teen books as well.  She is a native of South Carolina.

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