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Who Is Sonia Valencia Singh? 

I am a mother of two amazing children, sister to six siblings, daughter to parents who's love is unyielding.

I was born in Kingston, Jamaica, September 15, 1965. I attended high school and commercial college there and did my major in Business and Accounting. After college I managed a family owned business for many years. My parents and siblings migrated to the United States in 1986, but I stayed in Jamaica. I finally migrated with my family to the United States in 2000, and I am currently residing in South Florida.

My passion for writing began as a teenager with poetry, of which I also have a collection of unpublished poems. Yet  my desire to write and publish a book far exceeded the desire to write poetry. I started working on my novelette about three years ago, and then took a break for about two years as a result of some life issues.  

I took the pen up again about six months ago, and committed myself to finishing what I started, thus The Mark of a man. Based in Jamaica, it introduces the Hills of Hellshire, where our heroine,  Maggie lives. A story of her life, of her two children Megan and Mark Jr., and of course, of Mark, her husband.

The Mark of a man is about family and love, but mostly about freedom. It was written as a fiction, as non of the situations are real or has happened, but it was not hard to write fiction with so much truth. It is about being free... to live freely, not having to watch your back...  freedom to love and be loved, freedom to choose and define our lives. Not to live in fear of another person or situation. It is about the need to be a free spirit as we were all meant to be, so ultimately we can be at peace.  

The perceptions of our mind governs our actions and thoughts and also guides our pens. Personally, my mind runs free and incessantly, making way for you my reader to enjoy the twist and turns, the suspense, and the truths... at the end you will want more.

And you will,  in Book two " The Mark of the beast".


With gratitude, 

Sonia V Singh

To my Readers . . .

First let me express my gratitude to you for sharing this experience with me. And that is what it was for me. I enjoyed writing this so much and felt every emotion, I felt every physical interaction and every sexual connection.

As you enter these first few pages you are going to be angry, your eyes are going to brim with tears at the words that meet your gaze and your mind's eye is going to reflect upon...someone. She will come to your mind, a friend maybe or even a family member. Maybe your mother or even a sister. With my someone, you are going to make a connection. 

As I  share my someone with you, let's call her  Maggie, you will see my inhibitions  fall  further and further away, through my words you will travel with Maggie to places where you will cry tears of joy and scream angrily at life.  You will become Maggie's ally, she will touch your soul, and you will fall in love...and hurt for her. You will admire her strength, her boldness, her perseverance and her unwillingness to stop fighting for her family. You will want to be everywhere with her, you will want to protect her, love her and free her. 

Yes, this will happen because this story is real. It is what we see everyday in society, in our families and in our homes. And change begins exactly there, in our homes, where we teach our children to love and cherish, to speak up and speak out and last but not least, to respect every living creature.

Thank you again, and I look forward to sharing the sequel "The Mark of the Beast" with you. Where you will see Mark reemerge, going after Maggie and again, turning her life upside down. He will display his true characters and again she will fight for her life, her family, and her freedom.

With Gratitude,

Sonia Valencia Singh


When she wrote The Mark of a man, Sonia Singh wanted to tell a serious story about domestic abuse, but also wanted to make it as interesting as possible. She wanted to open the readers’ eyes to the range of possibilities that can constitute the reasons for abuse, as well as the importance of doing your homework before entering romantic relationships, and of not losing your sense of identity when you do.

How close to home is the story of her heroine, and how much of it is merely imagined or taken from the authors observation of other people? As she invites you to follow the struggles and triumphs of her heroine, you be the judge.

I met her several years ago, and thanks to Facebook, we have kept in touch over the years. When I read the first few chapters back in 2009, I gave her my honest opinion, "keep working on it, it’s good, but don't quit your day job till it’s published." I am now happy and proud that she is now officially a published author, and I’m sure this is only the start of her literary career.

Tony Morrison

 (former journalist and communications specialist)

a sneak peek

He was pissed. How dare Maggie defy him? Didn't she realize there was no getting away from him? “Leave her alone” it was Mark speaking. “You have been hurting her too long.”  I have begged you over and over again to leave her alone. All these years, and now I’ve lost her because of you. ”Because of me, you pathetic fool. If it wasn't for me she would have walked all over you. THEY would have walked all over you. I was the one who stood up to them. I was the one who fought for you. All those women who wanted to use you and steal your money. SHE would have taken you for all you had if it wasn't for me.” “But I love her, and she didn't need my money, she had her own.”  Mark spoke with a tiny voice, almost whiny. “She used you to get where she is. That’s why I have to stop her. She’s going to get everything you've worked for if I don’t. I’m going to fix her good”.

Mark shuddered. His alter ego was stronger. He had been controlling Mark since he was a teenager and had not allowed anyone to see him. Not even Doctor Jared, his psychiatrist knew he existed. The women he abused felt him. They felt him each time he hit or strangled or raped them.  Maggie felt him too. Oh how he loved when she was feeling him. She was the best yet.  That’s why he couldn’t let her go. She never fought him, not like the others.