Hrishikesh Padhye

Hrishikesh Padhye

about the Author

My name is Hrishikesh Padhye.

I am the author of a poetry book, entitled



Poetry dwells in my blood, sweat and tears. I consider art to be a divine cognizance which takes the senses from distraction to peace. I think that art is like a nova which is dormant in many human beings, thus ascends someday in some form to enhance the strength of abated spirituality in an individual.


Academically, I am a student studying Civil Engineering, from Government Engineering College in the City of Jabalpur, India.


I also love to spend my time in meditation, cooking, painting, analyzing literary humor, learning different languages, as well as grasping scriptures, while learning more about spirituality.

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For body is merely the soil

soul is actual identity

embrace me and walk on my way…


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