Jeffery A. Sanders, Sr.

Jeffery A. Sanders, Sr.

aka Cali_isms

has a unique style of poetry, which focuses upon subjects of personal development and social relevance.  Courageously he writes to lift the spirit with a particular but not exclusive, focus upon African-American women.   Born and raised in southern California, Jeffery served proudly in the Marines and traveled the world. He is the father of four grown children and lives now in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is currently matriculating at a local college with a major in Clinical Psychology/Social Work.  Cali_isms received his moniker from his poetry mentor S-cents aka Poetically-Spoken and is affectionately referred to as Cali.  A full and colorful life of ups and many downs lead him to a realization that a more spiritual path would serve him better.  Since that revelation, he has not put down his pen and he shares his brand of enlightenment almost daily.  His work reflects real life, history, universal wisdom and spiritual enhancement. 

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Knowledge Springs from Mental Strength

Through Poetry


Jeffery A. Sanders, Sr.

Intertwined Within You


Queen Sista, Woman of Pure Nature,

Our path, codified, refined in parallel paths---reason.

You work, I work, and they both work,

And we work best together, intertwined in each other.

Intertwined in circular and perpendicular

Motions of the heart's faith, in the heart's willingness,

Accepting something without yet verified of one's self

Without casting out intellect, neither understanding.

All that is intertwined in you and I, queen of a woman.

You stand in my mind as a fashion statement, woman of pure nature.

You shine in my mind as a factor to my life.

With word of caution, queen mother, beholder of generations,

Our minds are luminous yet corrupted by adventitious defilement,

Uninstructed wordings do not understand that, as it really is.

But Mother Beautiful, intertwined with my birth capacities,

Luminous, free from the dark, the murky, concentrated in wisdom,

I am he who applauds you in the openness of emancipation's peace.

Therefore, mental development,

Shining, non-conceptual intelligence and deep tranquility,

Can you see him intertwined within you?

Intertwined, like twins, within me,

He searches for noble truth,

In three phases and twelve aspects,

Yet to be awakened in unsurpassed enlightenment,

Intertwined within our self-theory’s realizations

Of final attainment of enlighten knowledge,

As his life's warranty becomes valid,

Intertwined in the paths that converge.

Only one in the know will understand.




Woman, there is something within you, the female being,

That is the source of your potential: the seed from you I grow

In the origins of our discovery, love, truth

And your natural beauty, a presence within.

Intuited. Deduced. I read you like the book on divas.

Therefore I experience you directly in your discovery.

My biggest surprise is my search for your inner steadiness.

I experience my desires; fore I am sufficiently sincere,

Simply by removing your distractions.

Afterward, I laugh at the paradox, as I open to your ecstasy,

As my final analysis, confirming your true nature is blissful.

I open your eyes, your mind, your perplexes,

And go inside your consciousness and discard your distractions

And discover ecstasy within your inner game of tennis

Knowing in your discovery, you possesses potential equal to mine,

Therefore, encouraging you to explore enough of me

To trigger a male response of profound emotions and dynamic actions,

Riding the waves of your bliss, discovering pleasure

Within my simultaneous, subjective nature,

Wave-like pulsations that spread like prolonged impressions

Melting poetically in your soul, as in deep intimacy.

So soft are my ripples, riding your quiet sea,

Reflecting your sun, as I row skillfully,

Sweet tempered, in your discovery.